четверг, 3 октября 2013 г.

Эксклюзивное флеш-интервью с Гаем Кавасаки! 2 октября 2013 год

D: Hello, Guy! Welcome to Russia, welcome to Moscow! Some questions for our Facebook fans?

G.K.:  Hi, thanks! Sure!

D: Who is the best marketing specialist in the world, besides Guy Kawasaki?

G.K: Oh, I wouldn't actually name a specific person, but I would have to say….maybe Amazon guys?! Their recommendation engine works well. As an author I can say that their marketing is great for authors.

D: Interesting choice! In your books and during presentations you mention Apple and Google a lot. In your opinion, what is the next big company, that can become as great as these two?

G.K.: Tricky question! If I knew that, I would invest in that and would not tell you! That doesn't mean that it's my secret, it's just the thing that I don't really know and I'm also looking for this company.

D: The last question is about Guy Kawasaki's advice for Russian startups founders - what is it?

G.K: I have two pieces of advice. The first is: do not be content to create a "Russian version of an American idea". You should create such great startups that Americans would like to copy them! The second piece is: do not focus on presentations and pitching! Entrepreneurs should be all about prototyping. Microsoft Power Point, Word or Excel - startup it's not about planning, it is about making something real, so focus on that!

D: Thank you very much! We'll see you tomorrow at SKOLKOVO business school!

G.K: Thanks!

P.S. Завтра будет качественная съемка [smile]

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